Raining Cats and Dingos

Raining Cats and Dingos

We are settling in the famous Marina Pinda (nothing to do with Polish word pinda ). It is surely quite surprising to stay in the marina surrounded by the beautiful beach with no person around. It could be due to the end of season – or might be that people here do not like rain?

Most of the day we have spend trying to find parts for the dingy which slowed down to a crawling speed and was making some howling noises. We should really call it a Dingo.


Next few days

Rain and more rain


Mainly work on boat and its electrical system.


Brazilian “Cargo – Tango”

Decision has been made. Thanks to Southerly winds we have decided to do a bit of Brazilian Tango. You might recollect that in the first leg from Rio we made decent distance to Sao Sebastian in 48 hours (two steps forward).

Now we take one step back towards Rio, as Olivier is expecting the wind generator to be delivered there in ten or so days.


Loads of Cargo ships around – but they are all from China – not from Turkey.

Flying Dutchman club of Ilhabela

We have tripped over our feet and as the wind died down in the middle of the day and we found ourselves circumnavigating Ilhabela. Little that we know, in the bay called Saco do Sombrio were we planed to stay overnight on anchor the light appeared.

To our dismay there was a little bar (surprise, surprise) run by the Ilhabela Marina Club. No choice there, little 1kg fish and chips with our last bottle of “Chablis” and we are ready for ber


Long live Chablis

One bird with two stones

Set off at around 9am. There is very little wind and we have to motor the first part of the day. Well why not some fishing. The bite is an artificial fish and the line to withstand a fish up to 15kg (two stone). Flock of birds took interest in our bite. Brilliant dive by one of the blind ones, ending in hooking the poor old thing.

Quick action and we have managed to unhook and let him loose. Than (too late I suppose) we say – but what’s wrong with Margret de Canard for dinner? 


The seabirds are black not white – must be something to do with South being North there

Averaging 10.5 knots

The promised wind did arrive right at noon (that is when the sun is in the north). We put the sails up and in virtually no time were doing some 10 to 12 knots. Visibility very poor and lots of cloud with thunder. By 21.00 we got in a vicinity of Ilha Grande.

Decided to take shelter in a very well protected bay of Mamangua. Few lights but quiet sea – scrambled eggs and of to bed.

Bdawn Yet, the sun goes down in the usual West – Now tall us: WHICH DIRECTION THE BOAT GOES?.

Branch at Tiffanies.

New day found us dozing till ten in the morning. We have lifted the anchor and went down the Mamangua bay. To our port we have noticed little fishing village on Praia do Cruzeiro. The only place looking like being alive was of course the local bar. A few patrons already in attendance so why not to join in for a chat. Fish (probably frozen since the Ice Age days) arrived on the bed of rice. Washed down with couple of “originals” light conversation with a couple of aborigines and siesta. Who needs Tiffanies ?


Panorama of Praia do Cruzeiro

 Loch Mamangua and Nessie.

The same evening I have noticed that we were joined by our friend from Scotland. Nessie had a little holiday and obviously visiting the Brazilian relatives. Her close cousin Anaconda is having her nest near by, so I was told by our friends at Tiffanies. Judging by the size of the fruits such as AVOCADO ( 1kg each) nobody noticed the rather large size of our Loch Ness monster – anyway she is considered as rather shy, and as not in the habit of swallowing the locals, she is left to eat all large oysters.


Bparaty mirim

One needs table spoon to eat Avocado with in Brazil


I am not sure – was this the Avocado tree?

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